5 tools that will make it easier to work on your SEO

5 tools that will make it easier to work on your SEO


When it comes to SEO a website is not enough to just own website seen or analyzed, with the competitors websites and to analyze. With MozBar tool, you can force your competitors position. You can compare your website with them. Ranking for you to get an idea of what to do. This tool allows you to see through the Authority and Page Authority, which helps a lot with your SEO. It is very easy to use as a new starting experts everyone can use.


This is a great tool for keyword research is the SEMRush. This is a paid tool. This tool allows you to know the keywords that organic search, paid search, once Mech keywords, related keywords, etc. trend with vital information by which you can easily find a profitable keyword. In addition, this tool can be seen by how difficult it is for a keyword rank the Keyword Difficulty. To select the right keywords, which helps a lot.



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