The BCS testing question is The mistake

The BCS testing question is The mistake


Bangladesh Public Service Commission only examined at the highest level. It is not desirable in any way to be wrong. They are responsible to protect the quality of the examination was not enough attention is being consistently wrong kind. More can be found in the little noticed something wrong. There are several discrepancies blessings and sentence formation. The inexperience of the author of the modern Bengali seen copy unexpert : ‘Pride and Glory’, the words ‘honor’ and ‘glory’ are synonymous terms.



Under such a high status in the organization who question the purpose of testing and blessings did not seem appropriate. Moreover, the ‘R’ instead of the word ‘and’ should have been. Combination of phrases or sentences “and / and” sit. Post-seated connection ‘and’. ‘Severely flooded’ by considering the sentence, the word “very” awkward post-exposing word hayecheapluta joy. With “severe” are not adjectives fit. Usually with very dull / terrible things were published. Do not receiving the expected response ‘very’


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