BCS will examine the New Testament

BCS will examine the New Testament


BCS examinations bringing comprehensive reform of the Public Service Commission (PSC). During a short time for suitable candidates to preserve the long-term test methods are being introduced to replace the short-term test. As part of the written test will be of 500 marks. In keeping with the oral

examination of the numbers will be minimized. “A examiner  All in all, he will say so right change in the system is mandatory for all paper  re check. The book exam can not be taken home. Register at PSC will make ends meet. The more things change, the PSC has initiated the process to change the test system fell.

PSC member on condition of anonymity correspondent, said: “BCS reform details of the PSC chairman. Mohammad Sadiq our (members) talked to. After obtaining verbal consent to our Minister of Public Administration Minister of Public Administration Syed Ashraful Islam has been discussed with government policymakers. Sources green signal only after one of them has started PSC. “


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