Energy Regulatory Commission will take manpower

Energy Regulatory Commission will take manpower



Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission member recruitment will be at 3. Those interested can apply until 13 December next.

Company Name: Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission

Job Title: Member
Category A and B
Number of terms: 03 people
Educational Qualifications: A bachelor’s power category. B category, earth science, geology and mineralogy, Law, Economics, Accounting, Business Administration, Management, Finance, Marketing, Public Administration, Chemistry, Physics or Applied Physics postgraduate
Experience: 15 years

Salary: Rs 49,000 and Rs 26600 for rent
Job period: 03 years

Application address: Secretary, Energy and Mineral Resources Division, Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka.

Application deadline: December 13, 2016

Source: Kaler kontho, November 21  2016



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