Maximum 48 Lakh Taka Education stipends is Giving Itali bakoni university

Maximum 48 Lakh Taka Education stipends  is Giving Itali bakoni university


Around the world the opportunity to underprivileged students with scholarships at the University of bakoni Italy. 2017-18 academic scholarship has subsequently issued a circular in this university located in the city of Milan.
Under the scholarship graduating from the institute, a post-graduate degree in law and science can be.

The selected students will receive scholarships is quite interesting. A graduate student will be given a year to 11 thousand 500 euro. Thus, a total of three years, graduate students will receive a scholarship of Rs 29 lakh. Year law students will be given 11 thousand 500 euro. The total amount of scholarships under the five-year course at Rs 48 lakh.
Two-year post-graduate course. Pratibachare 12 thousand 700 euros two years post-graduate students will be given scholarships of Rs 21 lakh 40 thousand.



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