If you do not submit returns,Then Government servicemen to pay off

If you do not submit returns,Then Government servicemen to pay off


10th grade until the budget returns filing has been made mandatory, government-servicemen. The government has decided to submit a hard return. That is, if the Government did not submit income tax returns  servicemen will pay off. This will be effective from January. As a result of the new tax will come under 4 million government employees are considered to be the National Board of Revenue (NBR). The decision has been welcomed by economists and traders.

November 30, the government employees did not submit returns or pay off their recommendations did not apply during the growth of the Controller General of Accounts recently NBR (CGA) has sent a letter to. According to it, 201516 FY government, semi-government and autonomous bodies of 16 thousand or more employees of the basic salary of the employee salary every month from January to June,


the bill must be attached to the evidence submitted with the tax return. If you have not submitted an application to extend time to return or deputy tax commissioner pay bills associated with a copy of the application should be approved. These papers have been submitted to pay the bill before the pay check whether the letter is recommended.


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