The number of 16 thousand 603 teacher vacancies

The number of 16 thousand 603 teacher vacancies

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Currently, 16 of the 603 primary schools, primary teacher posts are vacant.

The government nationalized 8 of 8 316 and 2 55 thousand seats remained vacant.

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Primary and Mass Education Minister phijara said Saiful Rahman, the head teacher of the primary schools in 16 of the 603 posts are vacant. Monday (June 7) morning, the eleventh session of the National Assembly MP AKM Jahangir Hossain, he said in response to questions raised.

The minister told me, in terms of the primary school headmaster in 60 of the 695 seats. 37 of the 677 seats in the government nationalize 3 of 18 in terms of the headmaster said.

He is currently head teacher at primary schools in 16 of the 603 vacant posts by Tagore. In the government’s nationalization of 8 348 and 8 of the 2 55 posts are vacant.

Reserved seats for women members of parliament in response to questions, Mrs. Taher Lutfa Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid said, the university has been reviewing the record, maintain, on a regular basis during the period 2001 – 2006 recruited fighters from the National University of cakaricyuta did not have any children.

In addition, 1992- 2 001 in the National University since its establishment until the quota of the institution did not appoint anyone. However, the current government, the freedom fighter quota being followed in appointing the company.


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