On the question of a common public examinations, item banks

On the question of a common public examinations, item banks


From 2019 under the Education Board has recommended all public examinations same question academics and intellectuals.
SSC at the time and reduce the pressure on students of physical education, health, science and sports, arts and crafts and educational subjects in public examinations career that included a series of recommendations, they to instruct .

To improve the quality of secondary education with the participation of prominent academics highlighted the recommendations of the workshop held in Cox’s Bazar on Monday (8 November), the Secretariat of the Ministry of Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid told a press conference.
When the subject of a series of four public examinations are not included in the final assessment will be reviewed further education would be.
MCQ and creative questions for the examination of an item bank, “said the minister has advocated.



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