Revealed important Notice for 36,37,38 th BCS candidate

Revealed important Notice for 36,37,38 th BCS candidate


BCS Bulletin
1. 36th BCS results >> next month, is likely to be written.
2. 36th BCS oral test starting on January 2017.
3. The written test is likely to be 37 soon. For the first written submission is not taking any of the documents; These deposit and pick up to two months would. The candidates less. Moreover, next year, according to a national newspaper in the 1st week of August 37 to determine the final results of the PSC. . So it is going to be a quick test.
4. 38th BCS circular on January 1st. Of course it is special. Within a year of the end of 38 tarageta PSC.
5. PSC is considering new ways to test the BCS.

The new rules, which will
A) written test of 500 marks
B) Low numbers Viva
C) two times book value for proper evaluation
D) assessment of the PSC register at
E) something new.
—- The new rules under discussion
Source: Daily Kaler Kantha



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