What do you say to a job interview ,When asked to talk about your own tern ??

What do you say to a job interview ,When asked to talk about your own tern??


You can not drive a car or ride a bike like the name of your best friend does not want to know, they never inquired. He also worked at the school where you were or not you want to know the answer to this question will receive from your resume.

He wants to know how you see yourself actually. If you are more daring? Suffer from insecurity? Are you confident all things.
Just remember what the questioner wants to know is whether there is a realistic view about your own abilities, even if you can not boast of confidence built.


Firstly  relationship with yourself Start with the job. For example, I’m an architect, I am a software developer or a marketing manager to take up this kind of Phcycology will introduce you to your employers.

Later, if possible, then the word has been used to describe the job recruitment, such as the conscientious, considerate, creative, and interesting words to those present. And if this is not possible, then the job can prove successful in the future of this nation and try to talk.


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