Training will be provided with free allowances at 9240 unemployed people

Training will be provided with free allowances at  9240 unemployed people


If the work is not a lack of training. It takes skill to work on technical matters. Bangladesh Engineering Industries Owners Association (baioya) laita Engineering Training Institute. Skills for Employment Investment Program (Sop) under the lathe operations, welding, electrical, Cad-cam design, CNG operation, Refrigeration and free training on various topics air-condition running. Baioya-light engineering training institute acting chief coordinator said. Enamul Haque Khan said, “The main objective of the training is to create skilled manpower in the country to reduce unemployment. Youth skills training less effective in the role. ”


How many people will be trained
Funded by the Asian Development Bank and the Swiss government under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance and the Government of Bangladesh for the Employment Skills Investment Program (Sepp) under the 9240 people in the industry three years to be able to train young men and women. Enamul Haque Khan, baioya-light engineering Training Institute Sop project started with 2015 in April. 2017 will continue until December. Dhaka and 735 out of a total of four thousand people have been trained. More than four thousand 505 people will be trained. Under the same project, a new four-year contract to 20 more than a thousand people work in the second phase of the training is ongoing.

Issues and Requirements
The training is divided into two parts-up skills  and fresher course . up skills  category craft manship  course in 15 days 30 hours training will be a total of four hours. Light engineering industry is able to take part in the course of three years of experience. Must be at least 16 years of age.  freshers all the rest of the course will get a chance. Must be at least 18 years of age and maximum 35 years.



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