Twenty two days public holiday will held next New Year

Twenty two days  public holiday will held next New Year


2017 cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at her office on Monday approved the list of holidays.
Told reporters after the meeting, Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam, 2017 for 14 days of public holiday and public holiday by executive order a total of eight days will have twenty  two days off. Within 10 days of Friday-Saturday.

Overall, the most important religious events in different communities and the National Day holiday, 14 days, six days into the holiday falls on Friday-Saturday.
Bengali New Year’s Day and on the occasion of important religious day is a public holiday for eight days by executive order. Friday will be the four holiday.
On the occasion of the feast of the religious community, the staff also said the Cabinet Secretary has been three days of optional holidays.

“The Hill of the area, or for small ethnic groups working outside the major social event of the two-day holiday marking has been passing. One is the weekly holiday. ”
After a two-day public holiday weekend was 2016, in which the four-day holiday weekends were.
Bengali Academy, Ministry of Religious Affairs, the Department of weather on the opinions of 2017 cabinet has set a public holiday, the secretary added.


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